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Hi, I’m Brit

I’m from California, but I don’t live anywhere. For 5 years, “home” is where my suitcase is, among exactly 50 countries.

No, I didn’t quit my high paying job and sell all my belongings to travel the world. No, I don’t have rich parents that pay for my travels. No, at the time of writing this I’ve never made a cent from this blog.

I left high school to work full time at a few minimum wage jobs right after my 16th birthday. I didn’t own anything worthy of selling. No one has ever given me a cent towards my travels.

So, you’re asking, how do I live this nomadic life?

Good question, with a multitude of answers. I look forward to telling you everything. 

In a world saturated with perfect lives and photos on social media, I do not feel right about sharing just the nice side of the picture. On this blog, there won’t be a topic off limits. I think the best thing I can do is be transparent about my travels, personal life, finances, successes and struggles.

My highest hope is that I can push you to reflect on your own dreams, and if you aren’t already, inspire you to follow them.

I started out as a teenager sleeping in the trunk of my car, calculating how I could get through to the next week. Travel wasn’t even something I hoped for in my life. I wanted stability, I wanted a home.

Fate threw me in a different direction.

For all my life I’ve been told how I can’t, how even my simplest goals were better suited for someone else, not me. Not for someone uneducated. Not for someone with mental illness. Not for someone with physical limitations. I had close to nothing. And I did this, I got here.

And damn well if I could do this, you could to.

You are only one decision away from a completely different life.

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Hiking to the top of roys peak with a spectacular view of Wanaka in the South island of New Zealand.

I’m excited to say we finally got married…

Why Should You Read Cali Girl Travels World?

*Every travel experience I’ve had these past 5 years has been paid for out of my own pocket from working long hard hours in an array of jobs. I do not get any type of special treatment that can come with saying “I’m a travel blogger.” Hotels, restaurants, and other companies never know that I have a blog and I plan to write a review on them. Also, I have no sponsorships of any kind. Because of this, I believe I can give you the most accurate representation of travel.

*I know every travel trick out there, and have created my own. I’ve learned how to score the best deals, acquire free accommodation, and how to make an income on the road. Unlike other travel bloggers who have paid for their travels with their blog, I know how to travel full-time without one.

*Over 85% of the photos on this blog I take myself. Even the photos with me in them I mostly take on my own with a tripod and remote (thanks to my husband Kevin for most of that other 15%). I create all of my website, articles and photos. I always want my photos to represent the moment they were taken, so I do not add fake scenes like sunsets, snow, rain, etc. I mostly just boost the colors.

*I’m an open book. I feel no need to hide or sugarcoat any of my experiences.

*I have no plans to stop traveling. I hope to continue in the future when my husband Kevin and I eventually have a child. The first year or two of our baby’s life we plan to travel in an RV throughout the USA and then head back out abroad. I believe immersing our future child in different countries, cultures, and languages will broaden their mind in a way that staying in one place does not.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” -Alan Keightley

What if the limits we tell ourselves we have, don’t exist?

-Brit, Cali Girl Travels World

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